There are literally thousands of web hosts to choose from so finding the best web hosting provider can be a confusing process particularly if you are new to web hosting.

As we all know hosting and domain are the most important parts of a website and without these, you can’t create the online footprints. There are several types of hosting packages such as Shared, Managed WordPress, VPS and Dedicated etc. The newly born sites are usually hosted on the shared server as it is affordable and if the right one also stable.

The decision becomes more important as you may…

Domain registrars are the companies who let you register the domain name through them. A Domain name is the most crucial part and without it, you can’t build a site. It is your unique address on the internet and with this people exactly reach to your site. So it is a must have element to go online.

With so many domain registrars calming to be the best it’s a daunting task to pick the right one. Some attract the customers by offering huge promotional packages while some lure the customers by offering freebies.

So it requires a lot of research…

Dennis Smith

Writing blogs since 2017.

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